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Setup Developer-Portal

The developer app provides an easy way to set up an API program where external developers can register to consume your API. It provides a documentation page and login/registration system where new developers can register.



To install the developer app you need to go to the marketplace at the backend app. There you can install the developer app.



It is also possible to adjust the content of the developer app via the page panel. It provides basic functionality to edit and adjust the content to your needs.



You also might want to take a look at the following settings which you can customize:

mail_pw_reset_bodyBody of the password reset mail
mail_pw_reset_subjectSubject of the password reset mail
mail_register_bodyBody of the register mail
mail_register_subjectSubject of the register mail
points_defaultThe amount of points every new registered user receives
recaptcha_key/secretThe Google recaptcha key and secret
provider_*_key/secretTo activate a social login provide a key and secret
role_defaultThe default role which every user receives