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Setup Monetization

Fusio helps you to monetize your API. It has a concept of points which each user can buy. A user can then spend those points by calling specific routes which cost a specific amount of points. The API developer can simply add a cost to every route and request method.


At first you need to create a plan at the Fusio backend. A plan has a name, a specific amount of points and a price assigned.


Then you need to configure a payment provider. For this you need to include i.e. the stripe or paypal adapter which configures a payment provider.

composer require fusio/adapter-stripe
php bin/fusio system:register "Fusio\Adapter\Stripe\Adapter"

Then you need to create a new connection at the Fusio backend. This connection must be named "stripe" and you need to provide your app credentials. At the connection you need to provide the credentials.


Fusio uses the webhook system of Stripe to get information about the payment status. You need to register a webhook at the Stripe portal which calls the /system/payment/stripe/webhook endpoint of your Fusio instance. Also you need to set the payment_stripe_secret system setting to the webhook secret key provided by stripe.