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SPA Backend

Using Fusio as SPA Backend means, that you have an existing Single-Page-Application like Angular or React and you need a backend for this frontend app. Fusio can act as backend for those apps by providing the fitting endpoints i.e. to CRUD entities or also to execute more complex business logic. The great advantage of Fusio in this use case is that it has the ability to generate complete type safe SDKs which makes building those apps more robust since all method and property calls are validated in the build-step. It also helps to handle topics like authorization and authentication.


To build basic CRUD endpoints for your frontend app we recommend to use the entity generator which provides a simple way to automatically create CRUD endpoints. The generator automatically generates the fitting database table, and automatically creates the fitting schemas, actions and operations so that you can directly start to use those endpoints. You can later on always customize each operation. Besides using the generator it is of course also possible to manually create the fitting actions or you can also build a complete custom action in case your use case can not be solved by the existing actions.


If you have developed the fitting endpoints you can start to integrate the API into your app. To integrate your API into your app we recommend to generate a client SDK for your app. Our SDK generator produces great TypeScript code which can be easily integrated into your project.

Beside the SDK you can of course als work manually with the REST API, in this case you need to provide an access token to each call, since you most likely invoke protected endpoints. Take a look at our invoke the protected operation document which describes how to invoke a protected method.


Fusio has a dedicated Angular SDK which you can use in case you work on an Angular app. All our internal apps like the backend and developer app are also based on Angular, which also use this SDK.


Your SPA most likely needs a way to authenticate your users. Fusio already provides all tools to handle authentication and registration / social logins of new users. Take a look at our authentication document where we describe how you can integrate this into your app.