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Fusio has an event system which helps to build a webhook system. This means consumers of your API can register a webhook and the url is called by Fusio in case the event is dispatched.




Name of the event.


A short description of the event.


A schema which describes the payload which is submitted by this event.


The user needs to send a HTTP POST request to the /consumer/webhook endpoint with the following payload to subscribe to an event:

"event": "my_event",
"endpoint": ""


To publish an event, you need to use the dispatcher to create an event. I.e. the following action shows how to dispatch data to the event "my_event" which then sends the provided data JSON encoded to the subscribed endpoints.


namespace App\Action;

use Fusio\Engine\ActionAbstract;
use Fusio\Engine\ContextInterface;
use Fusio\Engine\ParametersInterface;
use Fusio\Engine\RequestInterface;

class Collection extends ActionAbstract
public function handle(RequestInterface $request, ParametersInterface $configuration, ContextInterface $context)
// dispatch my event
$this->dispatcher->dispatch('my_event', [
'foo' => 'bar'

As alternativ you can also use the existing Util-Dispatch-Event action which dispatches the provided payload to a configured event.


Fusio will send the following HTTP POST request to every subscribed endpoint. If the endpoint returns a non successful status code, Fusio will try to resend the message up to 3 times.

POST /callback HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
User-Agent: Fusio/4.0.2@916a81045349cc0e149873b5b794777bb5f29a30

{"foo": "bar"}