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A connection enables Fusio to connect to other remote services. This can be i.e. a database or message queue service. Please take a look at the adapter to see a list of all available connections. It is also easy possible to develop your own custom connection.



To develop a custom connection you need to create a class which implements the interface Fusio\Engine\ConnectionInterface. Then you can add this class to the provider.php file. Through this it is possible to select this connection at the backend.

In the following an example connection:


namespace App\Connection;

use Fusio\Engine\ConnectionInterface;
use Fusio\Engine\Form\BuilderInterface;
use Fusio\Engine\Form\ElementFactoryInterface;
use Fusio\Engine\ParametersInterface;

class AcmeConnection implements ConnectionInterface
public function getName(): string
return 'Acme-Client';

public function getConnection(ParametersInterface $config): MyClient
return new MyClient(

public function configure(BuilderInterface $builder, ElementFactoryInterface $elementFactory): void
$builder->add($elementFactory->newInput('username', 'Username', 'text', 'The name of the service user'));
$builder->add($elementFactory->newInput('password', 'Password', 'password', 'The password of the service user'));