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The marketplace is a concept in Fusio to easily install small apps which work with the Fusio API. I.e. through the marketplace you can install the Fusio backend app and also the developer app which provides a basic developer portal.


In Fusio there is a configuration at the .env file which controls whether the marketplace is active s.


If the marketplace is off it only shows all available apps, there is no way to install new apps. If the marketplace is on you can install remote apps. By default the marketplace is off since it dynamically downloads files and in some environments you want that your code base is immutable and does not dynamically changes. In this case it would be better to use the marketplace CLI commands to install an app at a build step.


In case the marketplace is on you can see at the backend app all available apps s.


With a click on the "plus" button you can install a new app. Those are the same apps which we also list at our website. If the marketplace is off you only see all installed apps s.



Besides the backend it is also possible to install an app through a CLI command. Through the list command you can list all available apps at the marketplace s.

php bin/fusio marketplace:list

Then you can use the following commands to install, update or remove an app.

php bin/fusio marketplace:install [app_name]
php bin/fusio marketplace:update [app_name]
php bin/fusio marketplace:remove [app_name]