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The HTTP Raw action allows you to craft a complete custom HTTP request to invoke any kind of url and return the response.




Contains the target URL of your internal API where the request should be redirected. The url can contain also variable path fragments i.e. if your configured Fusio url ist /product/:id you could use as url and Fusio will replace the variable path fragment :id with the provided value. Otherwise all query parameters, headers and body values are proxied to the url.


Contains a map of configured HTTP headers which are added to the request.


Describes the Content-Type of the internal API response. Fusio then parses the response and returns the fitting format.


Optional to explicit specify the used HTTP version.


Optional an Authorization header value for internal authorization. You need to provide the complete authorization value i.e. Basic [credentials] or Bearer [my_token].


Optional static query parameters which are always added to the url i.e. in the format foo=bar&key=foo


Optional to enable HTTP caching, this means that Fusio will interpret all HTTP caching headers and cache the response if possible.


Contains a custom HTTP payload which is send to the url. You can access all values from the incoming HTTP request and place it in the request body i.e.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
{% if %}<id>{{ }}</id>{% endif %}
<name>{{ }}</name>

Internally this action uses the Twig template engine to produce the fitting payload. The following keys are available:


Contains all arguments i.e. variable path fragments or query parameters.


Contains the HTTP payload i.e. if a JSON payload {"name": "test"} is send to the endpoint you can access the name value with {{ }}


Invokes the configured url with the configured HTTP method, headers and payload and returns the response. Fusio automatically adds some additional headers to the request which may be used by the endpoint i.e.:

X-Fusio-Operation-Id: 12
X-Fusio-User-Anonymous: 0
X-Fusio-User-Id: 4
X-Fusio-User-Name: 4
X-Fusio-App-Id: 3
X-Fusio-App-Key: 1ba7b2e5-fa1a-4153-8668-8a855902edda