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In case your endpoint needs to execute more complex business logic we provide a worker system which allows you to implement your business logic in different programming languages:


To setup a worker you need at first run the worker. A worker is a simple separated web app which implements the following REST API. If the worker runs you need to create a connection at Fusio which connects to this worker.


In this example we have created a connection to the Javascript-Worker. You can now create an action which uses this worker and provides the business logic s.


Here we only select some data from a database table but you are free to implement any custom logic. The action can then be used (like all other actions) at an operation, which gets executed on a specific HTTP request.


One central concept of a worker is, that you can use every configured connection of Fusio also inside the worker. Each worker uses the preferred solution in the target programming language to implement the connection, i.e. if you have a database connection the JavaScript worker will use the mysql2 package and the Java worker uses the java.sql.Connection. Please take a look at every worker page, where we list all implementation types, through this you also know which methods are available: