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File Directory Index

Returns all files of a configured directory. You should bind this action to a route i.e. GET /files. The endpoint supports the following query parameters:

startIndexThe start index
sortOrderSort the files by name either ASC or DESC
filterOpThe filter roperator must be one of contains, equals or startsWith
filterValueThe filter value


"totalResults": 1,
"itemsPerPage": 16,
"startIndex": 0,
"entry": [
"id": "e13fe597-537e-36c2-b99a-d652c3021a36",
"fileName": "test_semicolon.csv",
"size": 19,
"contentType": "text\/plain",
"sha1": "759c145ff96ed97db41dfa923a0a9fa71f058dbe",
"lastModified": "0000-00-00T00:00:00+00:00"